Terms and Conditions

Attending adults are responsible for the safety of their child/children while attending our sessions, events and parties. This includes the use of all materials and equipment and to ensure that you and your child/children behaves in a way to not cause injury or abuse to other children or adults, if you leave the room for any reason, please take your child with you.

Whilst we endeavour to clear all spillages as soon as they have occurred, some of the materials can cause the play area to become slippery so please, NO running. All materials are made in the knowledge that they are to be played with under a parent / carer’s supervision. We appreciate your help in trying to avoid unnecessary / intentional pouring of materials outside of their immediate play areas so that everyone enjoys the experience.

You must make us aware of any allergies known to you or which become known to you before each session.

We make every effort to supply items used that are fresh, non-toxic or hypoallergenic materials and do not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any allergy or illness found to be directly attributable from any product or item provided by us. The materials used in Messy Monsterz Limited sessions are all sourced from trusted suppliers / high street retailers / well known supermarkets. They are provided in the knowledge that parents and carers supervise the children while they play with them. Whilst all the materials we use are non-toxic, we'd rather the children refrained from eating them.

Messy Monsterz Limited accepts no liability or responsibility for any property or belongings, including clothes, which are stained, marked or damaged whilst attending our sessions. Please note that the paint may stain.

Messy Monsterz Limited does not keep any finished or part finished work from session activities. All materials or work remaining will be discarded. Please make sure you take your child’s work away with you.

You are asked not to attend sessions when a child is suspected to have a contagious illness.

Messy Monsterz Limited does not accept responsibility for any unforeseen circumstances which prevents us from holding sessions such as venue cancellations, adverse weather conditions and staff sickness.

If Messy Monsterz Limited cancels a session, we will arrange a replacement class, or offer a refund if you cannot attend.