Frequently Asked Questions

When are the classes?

Day Time Location Parking
Wednesday 10:00–11:00 am Monster Moverz Wobbly Monsterz Edwalton Church Hall, Vicarage Green, Edwalton, Nottinghamshire NG12 4AP
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Private car park
Friday 10:15–11:15 am Monster Moverz Wobbly Monsterz Edwalton Church Hall, Vicarage Green, Edwalton, Nottinghamshire NG12 4AP
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Private car park

Do I stay with my child during the class?

Yes you stay and explore with your child. As parents or carers of your child you are wholly responsible for your child at all times during the class. Messy play is a fun an interactive experience to share with your child and a great relaxed way to get to know other parents and carers too!

What should my child wear?

All our materials are safe and non-toxic but we cannot guarantee they won’t stain we therefore recommend that you dress your child in something old that you don’t mind getting messy. (Note we use non washable paint)

You will also need to bring a spare change of clothing for your child to change into after the class.

What should I wear?

We recommend that parents or carers also wear old clothing that they don’t mind getting messy as we cannot guarantee that the materials will not stain. (Note we use non washable paint)

We have adult splash resistant overalls for you to borrow if you are not heading straight home and don’t want to be out and about in your scruffs! Alternatively the hall has toilet facilities in which you can change should you also wish to bring a spare change of clothing.

What should I bring to the class?

Most importantly a positive attitude towards mess! Remember you don’t have to clean it up and it’s not in your home so MESS IS GOOD!

On a more practical note bring a spare change of clothing for your child (and yourself if you so wish!), a waterproof bag to take your messy clothing home in and a snack and drink for your child. We don’t include a snack and drink in the class and messy play can be thirsty work!

We provide towels so you won’t need these!

Can I bring a younger sibling along?

Of course! Younger siblings are always welcome. We do not charge for babies but as soon as they are old enough to join in siblings are charged at the discounted rate

Do you offer a free trial?

Sorry, we do not offer free trials. You are able to book a one off session as a trial, these are £8.00 (£5.00 siblings).

Can I just drop in or do I need to book?

Yes you can as long as the term is not fully subscribed and your child has no allergies we need to be aware of to ensure safe play. However, please be aware that spaces are limited and once capacity is reached we can't let you play. It is best to book for a one off session using our online booking facility to avoid sad faces on the day and guarantee your space. The price for drop ins in £7.00 for the first child and £5.00 for additional children

How do I know if my child will enjoy messy play?

There is only one way to find out if your child likes messy play… try it!

Messy Play is not for every child, or every parent. Everyone has their own comfort zones regarding mess and children will sense if you aren’t relaxed in a messy environment.

We would recommend attending a few sessions to really determine whether your child likes messy play or not. Messy play like all new classes can be very overwhelming for your little one to start with and it’s a completely different attitude to mess than what they may have previously experienced so they may be a little shy at first!

Do I need to sign up to a term?

No you don't but it is cheaper if you do. You are also able to carry forward one session a term to the following term. Our terms roughly follow Nottinghamshire school terms and holidays, for exact dates please see our booking page.

What happens if Messy Monsterz cancels a class?

In exceptional circumstances we may have to cancel as class. If such an event occurs we will either book you onto another class on an alternative date or issue a full refund.

What happens if I can’t make a class?

Messy Monsterz Limited regrets that they are unable to provide refunds for non-attendance. However, a customer who has paid for a term that is taking holiday or who is absent due to sickness is entitled to roll over a maximum of one (1) session to the following term.

How do I book?

Please book using our online facility which can be found here

My child has an allergy what do I do?

There is no standard answer as it depends on your child’s sensitivity to the allergen. Our sessions do not use ingredients that contain nuts, egg and dairy as standard but we do occasionally use products with "may contain" these items as we cannot control traces brought in via other children, residues left in the hall and my home where items are prepared is not a nut, dairy and egg free enviroment.

Please contact us if your child has a known allergy we can then discuss how we adapt our practices to enable your child to participate safely. We will make every effort to adapt were it is possible to do so we believe every child should experience messy play.

What ages do you cater for?

The classes are aimed at children from 6 months to 4 years.

Younger siblings are welcome at all times. The hall has room for pushchairs and car seats. There is no charge for a younger sibling who is not participating in messy play.

What happens in the class?

You will find our class very unstructured compared to other pre school classes this is deliberate. Messy play is focused on exploring the environment without any end goal, there is no pressure to build or produce anything. It is all about the process.

We gather everyone for a group 5 minute activity at the start of the class, we have a welcome song, then its free play until 10 minutes before the class is due to finish at this point we encourage you to get cleaned up. We then gather to sing songs or read a book before our goodbye song.

Do you do parties?

Yes! Please visit our parties page for more information, you can access it here.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

Yes we offer sibling discounts, please see our bookings page for details.