Messy Monsterz classes

Our classes are aimed at children from 6 months to four years old. In every class there are 10 stations of themed messy play. This includes paint, sand, water, a sensory area and craft. The remaining 5 stations vary every week in material to introduce different textures & smells for your little ones to explore.

Class Structure

The class is 60 minutes in duration. Before the class starts there is always a short craft/drawing and themed sensory materials for the little ones who aren't quite ready for craft to occupy them. We commence the class with our welcome song before revealing the mess! We then guarantee at least 45 minutes of free messy play before clean up. Once all clean we gather together to read a story or sing some songs relating to the theme before singing our goodbye song.

All materials used in this class are safe and non-toxic but we do start to introduce materials that we wouldn’t advise you to put in your mouth i.e. paint, glue during the craft and vinegar in our messy science! So anything we would not encourage them to pop in their mouths is in a red container, tray or tub! Ocassionally we run out of red tubs and trays and use the pink one but in addition to the red tray system we will always advise you at the start of the class.

Times and Locations

Day Time Location Parking
Wednesday 10:00–11:00 am Monster Moverz Wobbly Monsterz Edwalton Church Hall, Vicarage Green, Edwalton, Nottinghamshire NG12 4AP
Click here for directions
Private car park
Friday 10:15–11:15 am Monster Moverz Wobbly Monsterz Edwalton Church Hall, Vicarage Green, Edwalton, Nottinghamshire NG12 4AP
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Private car park



“I really like that at the Messy Monsterz group everything is edible – makes it much more relaxing!”

“I love Messy Monsterz and think it’s great and excellent value for money”

“I think your sessions are a great idea as messy play at home is so – well – messy!”

“My little one loves watching all of the other babies and joining in – it’s great for her development and I love watching her do it”

“She loves coming and talks about it during the week and I’ve heard her singing a few lines from the song too!”

“Really welcoming to any newcomers and seem to have a really friendly group of ladies that come along.”


Edwalton Church Hall

Vicarage Green, Edwalton, Nottinghamshire NG12 4AP


Please note shortly after entering Vicarage Green the road forks. Please take the right hand fork and travel to the end of the road to find the entrance to the hall car park. Please note that there is another entrance/exit on to Wellin Lane. The sign to the hall from Wellin Lane is tiny and overgrown so we do not direct people in this way but you may want to use this exit/entrance after your first visit.


Wellin Lane is served by the Green Line no.6 bus which runs from the city centre to Wellin Lane through West Bridgford.

What else is there to do here?

Wheatcroft (Nottcutts) garden centre is just around the corner for anyone wishing to grab a coffee or lunch. It is also a great place for seeing and feeding the fish, hiding in sheds and looking at rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and chickens!